"You have Not got to learn safety by accident"

It has always been a primary goal of our organization to be the industry leader in Safety. Being aware of the importance of safety procedures and strategies to apply and practice. It's a message  that needs to be permanently delivered, and a course of action that needs to be taken...
aiming at gaining "Safety Culture" throughout the whole organization that will feature the value of safety to each and every individual within the company and will be applied at every level of it.
Safety in RADY TRANS. is not just instructions, it’s a life style and culture that should be believed in.
Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management is an integral and essential part of the way we do our business and is considered an equal part of the wider system for the management of our business.
Through effective management, RADY TRANS. aims to be the preferred contractor and the favored employer. The requirements set out in this document constitute the expectations for divisional compliance with RADY TRANS. policy.

· Our Mission
- To distinguish ourselves through listening, learning and understanding industry challenges and to capitalize on strategic and opportunistic possibilities.
-   To provide services that are attractive and fair to our customers and earn their loyalty while also providing value to our shareholders.
-  To create a work place that protects worker health and safety with due respect for the environment, and promote an atmosphere to grow employee learning and opportunity in a way that is fulfilling, recognized and fairly rewarded.

· Our vision
Initiating solutions of any complications that may arise in such a rapid motion world of heavy transportation and logistics; get all the way throw with the ability of seizing every obstacle as a new challenge, developing new ideas, applying creativity and continuous improvement strategies.
-  Whenever there's a business that is in need of at least one of our services, the most efficient supply chain services can never be any greater.
-  Obtaining a world wide database of corporate customers with the aspiration to continuously improve and double our business, gaining a customer relation that can be described as a "partnership in success" through accomplishing our work in the most efficient and effective ways helping them to efficiently and effectively accomplish their work in turn.