Are Speed limits effective enough
Date of publication : 19/07/2016

As being spicialized in The industry of transportation and as working through a safety management which is required to be in compaliance with all Certified occuptional health and safety startegies; we are in a permanent pursuit of new technologies as for fullfilling the safest operations attainable.


Speed limit is one essentail procedure for safe journeys but is it enough? Some drivers may lack the culture of safety spicially if being outsourced. Eventhough they are all reqiured to follow the company's rules, they might violate such rules if being unwatched. It is, of course,  the main goal of a fair safety management to spread the culture of safety through the whole organisation and that's when it's obligated to approve Implantations of modernist technologies available.

Needless to say, IVMSs(in vehicle montering system) and GPSs are proved to be way more effective than only applying a speed limits system.

That said, Rady Trans is going through a process of applying a IVMS to all allocatble trucks and necessary Vehicles.

Updated news will be uploaded upon completeness.

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