Heavy Haulage And Lifting Equipment

Rady Trans is the leading heavy transportation and lifting equipment company in the Middle East, the most quality that distinguishes our heavy hauling and in-land transportation services and set them apart from any typical trucking services is Safety:

- We provide the world's biggest petroleum and petrochemical companies with the safest most efficient heavy haulage services throughout the whole Middle East area.


- Managing a centralized maintenance centre while applying an in-place, on-site and operations standard HSEManagement that enforces safety policies and procedures whether through the maintenance/setup process or through the operations carried out by the company.

- We own a fleet of the world's most modern equipment to transfer all kinds of materials " hazardous & non hazardous"  Out of or Into remote rigs and platforms all over the Middle East.


vehicles comprising of conventional hydraulic low-beds, mechanical low-beds, trailers, telescopic trailers, prime movers, tanks, trucks, cranes, forklifts, pickups, hydraulic jacking cylinders and rollers for skidding operations, composers, bulk silo, acid tanks, diesel pumps, generators, and cutting equipment.  


- An in-place HSE management is applied in the maintenance centre "where all the setups take place", in addition to through-operations and on-site Safety management which enforces compliance to each and every required HSE policy, warrants that all the equipment to be utilized and allocated to new jobs are safe, all the engineers, technicians or anyone that gets involved into the setups or the operations has got all what it takes to be completely qualified for the job they are assigned to. We assign an on-site engineering support for safety requirements on jobs that shall take long to be accomplished.

In all cases, we merely aim at the safe delivery of our customers' critical cargos.


- For any inquiries regarding our heavy-haulage or lifting Equipment services: contact us.