Maintenance, Workshop & Mobile Workshop

RadyTrans runs two main maintenance facilities

Regular Workshop:


Divided into 9 Sections:

  • Electric Section.
  • Mechanical Section.
  • Hydraulic and lifting equipment maintenance section.
  • Oil exchange section.
  • Washing and greasing section.
  • Blacksmithing and welding section.
  • Fiber and vehicle plumbing section.
  • Tires section.
  • Coating and painting section.

Implying 4 warehouses:

  • Spare parts warehouse.
  • Tires warehouse.
  • Oil and grease warehouse.
  • Coatings and paints warehouse.

regular maintenance facility is running through our ERP system which insures transparent systematic implication in the conduct of workshop operations.

  • Our technical team is one of the most skilled and well-reputed technician teams in Egypt.
  • Technicians have to go through a qualification recruitment process as in order for them to join RadyTrans. Besides they must continue enhancing their abilities and skills according to our training and development annual plan. This may imply several training and certification courses including each of them.
  • The team members have earned through the years a considerable number of training and certificates, the thing that has always been allowing us an armful of credits and awards for our well-delivered quality service in turn.

Mobile workshop:


  • The purpose of the mobile workshop is to serve and maintain our on-journey vehicles, the on-site equipment located away from regular maintenance facilities.
  • The mobile workshop is equipped with a large number of several general purpose maintenance tools and equipment that makes it convenient for all types of field maintenance tasks.